Visitation Guidelines

We encourage residents to have family and friends visit frequently.  However, guest visits are subject to certain policies intended to protect all Residents’ quiet enjoyment of the Community and to assure that one Resident’s guests do not unduly burden other residents or interfere with the Community’s programs.  These policies include:

  • It is our policy to comply fully with the “No Patient Left Alone Act” and our visitation policy does not limit visitation hours, visit duration, or number of visitors. Residents may receive guests regardless of immunization status and may have consensual physical contact with them. In-person visitation is encouraged anytime the resident requests it, particularly in end-of-life situations, difficult or stressful situations, at times requiring health decisions or medical assistance, and/or in case of change in condition or behavior.
  • All guests must sign in and out at the front entrance when entering or leaving the Community.
  • For the protection of all the community’s Residents and staff, all guests must be free of contagious disease and must not demonstrate any symptoms of disease. Guests are asked to follow basic infection control hygiene practices and are given the opportunity to wash and/or sanitize their hands; masks are available upon request. We request that guests participate in a brief infection control screening and that, if possible, that guests delay their visit to Generations if they have reason to believe that they have a contagious disease or if they have been exposed to the same.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult who is capable of supervising them at all times.
  • Your guests are encouraged to accompany you to activities at the Community and to participate in those activities provided that you (or your guests) pay any applicable fee for the activity.
  • For their protection, your guests may not enter any rooms or other areas (such as garage) where other Residents are not allowed access.  Likewise, your guest shall not enter other Residents’ rooms, and shall not be permitted to bathe or shower at the Community.
  • Guest are not permitted to stay overnight in your room.  Your guests may not live in your room while you are absent from the Community.
  • Laundry facilities at the Community are for the use of Staff only.  If your guest requires laundry services, please contact our Administrator.  Laundry services will be provided to guests for a fee.
  • Your guests are welcome to accompany you to meals at the Community; however, we request that you give the Administrator at least two (2) hours’ notice of guest meals.  (Greater notice may be required for large parties, holiday meals and special events.)  We ask that if you are hosting a large party that you be responsible for the food costs and preparation.
  • All guests must conduct themselves in a manner that does not jeopardize the health or safety of others at the Community or interfere with their quiet enjoyment of the premises.  If the Community determines, in its sole discretion, that any guest does not meet these requirements, that person will be required to leave the premises immediately.  Depending on the circumstances, the Community may also contact the local law enforcement agency. Because many of our residents prepare for bed at approx. 8 PM and we need to ensure their dignity, privacy and their rights to peace and quiet for sleeping, we recommend that visiting hours take place between 9 AM and 9 PM (“Visitation Hours”). Visitation request outside of the Visitation Hours should be made to the Community Administrator; the Community shall make provisions to extend visiting hours for caregivers and out-of-town guests, and in other similar situations whenever possible, possibly at a cost to the resident if additional staffing or overtime is required as a result.

The Generations Senior Living Visitation Guidelines are intended to comply with Florida Statutes 408.823 In-person visitation, and in any case where a visitation practice or policy is not in compliance with Florida Statutes 408.823 or other applicable regulation, such practice will be amended so as to comply.